Corporate Profile

Company Overview

Established Founded in 1922
Incorporated in 1950
Capital ¥ 30,000,000
President representative director Takashi Kasamatsu
Product lines Manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediate, and azetidine derivative
Employee 140 (As of June 1,2021)
Account closing month March

Head Office / Hirakata Plant

1-12-3, Syodaitajika, Hirakata City, Osaka, 573-1132, Japan
TEL:+81-72-856-5631 FAX:+81-72-857-3301

Toyama Plant

1-3, Yasuuchi, Yatsuo Machi, Toyama City, Toyama, 939-2366, Japan
TEL:+81-76-455-1500 FAX:+81-76-455-1726
Organizational Chart


Representative director Takashi Kasamatsu
Managing Director Yoshiyuki Murakami
Managing Director Katsuki Yamada
Director Kazuhiko Seki
Director Hajime Tanaka
Director Yutaka Sakaguchi
Director Atsuya Nakanishi
Corporate auditor Makoto Fujiwara

Group companies

Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Kaigen Pharma Co., Ltd.
Sakai Trading Co., Ltd.
Osaki Industry Co., Ltd.
Resino Color Industry Co., Ltd.
Kyodo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
SC Organic Chemical Co., Ltd.
Nippon Color Industry Co., Ltd.
Joban Kasei Co., Ltd.
Sakai Chemical
(Vietnam) Co., Ltd
Manufacture and sale of resin additives
Siam Stabilizers and
Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Manufacture and sale of resin additives
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