Corporate Profile

Environmental initiatives

Environmental Principles

KATAYAMA SEIYAKUSYO views environmental preservation as one of our key responsibilities to society. Throughout our work, from research and manufacturing to sales, our management and employees are united in making KATAYAMA SEIYAKUSYO "a company standing tall in the community".

Code of Conduct

1. We will pursue further action to prevent air, water, and soil pollution, while of course complying with environmental laws and regulations.

2. In consultation with customers, we will also undertake the 3Rs of resources:

  • Reduce
    By improving productivity through process improvements and review of production planning, we will work to reduce the resources we use and the wastes we generate.
  • Reuse
    Through reuse, we will work to reduce our usage of solvents and thereby reduce the liquid wastes we generate.
  • Recycle
    We will make all possible efforts to use liquid wastes as resources.

3. We will direct our efforts toward energy conservation and strive to reduce our CO2 emissions.

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