"Producing medicine" by KATAYAMA SEIYAKUSYO

"Producing medicine" by KATAYAMA SEIYAKUSYO

We are helping the research, development and manufacture of raw materials such as azetidine derivatives, pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs in line with the development stage of pharmaceutical company's "producing medicine" and make an effort to be able to become the best partner of the pharmaceutical company. We have a system that can respond to any problems, aiming to deliver reliable medicines quickly to patients.

Helping  according to the stage


We will propose synthesis process of compound. We will also accept synthesis of hit compounds and route search.

CDMO business


We will promptly provide the necessary amount of compound at the time the customer needs it. In actual production, we propose an optimal synthesis process aiming at low cost.

Support of approval

Support of

We will help you set the parameters for process validation. We also support DMF registration. We will also correspond to pre-approval inspections.

CMO business


We can achieve stable production under various scale and reaction conditions on GMP. We will provide products of high quality by responding with one stop from early development to marketing upwards.

CRO business
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